Wedding called off in Rampur after groom’s family says no beef, no ceremony


A wedding was called off in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur after the groom’s family issued an ultimatum to the bride’s family – if there’s no beef on the menu, get ready to call off the wedding, according to a news report. They also asked for a dowry.

Weddings can be called off for a number of reasons, but beef is rarely one of them. But that’s what happened in Rampur in Uttar Pradesh, where the bride’s family cancelled the wedding because the groom’s family wanted beef on the menu, the news agency ANI reported today.

It wasn’t just that the groom’s family gave the his in-laws an ultimatum – serve beef or get ready to call off the ceremony – but they also wanted dowry, the report said.

This comes just weeks after a man in Uttar Pradesh’s Kuhedi village refused to get married after noticing that only vegetarian dishes were served at the ceremony, and the bride tied the knot with one of the guests instead.

And that happened after the panchayat gave the impromptu wedding the go-ahead.


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