The town of Unnao is the headquarters of Unnao District in Uttar Pradesh, India between Kanpur and Lucknow. It is approximately 18 km from Kanpur. It is connected to these two cities by roadway as well as by railway. The nearest airport is at Amausi about 50 km from Unnao. Unnao district is a part of Central Ganga Plain of the state covering an area of 4558 sq.km.

History Of Unnao
In ancient times, the area which comprises Unnao, formed part of the Kosala Mahajanapada. It was later included in Oudh. This region has been inhabited since antiquity as traces from ancient times remain at some places in the district.

After the First War of Indian Independence in 1857, power was transferred from the British East India Company to the British Crown, by the Queen’s Proclamation of 1858. Once the order was restored, the civil administration was re-established in the district which was named Unnao, with headquarters at Unnao. It assumed its present size in 1869. The same year the town of Unnao was constituted a Municipality.

There are various historical articles available on Unnao. The latest one is still in progress by Mr. Shaheer A. Mirza who is tracking the history of early Mughal settlements in a village called Jalalabad (settled by one Mirza Jalal Beg during the reign of Humayun) around Qasba Asiwan of Hasanganj Tehseel.

There are shrines of Sufi saints in the Qasba of Safipur where people of both Muslim and Hindu communities pay their homage.

Geography Of Unnao
Unnao is located at 26°32’N 80°30’E? / ?26.53°N 80.5°E? / 26.53; 80.5[1]. It has an average elevation of 127 metres (416 ft). Unnao lies in the great plains of the Ganges and hence the land is highly fertile. The soil is mostly alluvial. The Ganges separates Unnao from Kanpur district. The district is bounded by river Ganga in the west and the river Sai in the east. The entire district falling in Sai Sub-basin of Ganga basin represents flat topography. The irrigation in the district takes place through Sharda Canal network system and tubewells.

About 92% of the district area is under cultivation. The district receiving a normal annual rainfall of 837.80 mm with rainy days experiences sub-tropical climate. The district is mainly drained by river Ganga and its tributaries Kalyani, Khar, Loni and Marahai in the western part and by Sai river in the Eastern part of the district and all these rivers are perennial in nature. About 87% area of net sown area (3,00,000 hectares) is irrigated both by surface water (Sharda Canal network system) and ground water through shallow and moderately deep tubewells. The share of surface water irrigation is 48% while that of ground water is 52%. The economy of the district mainly depends upon Agriculture.

Education Of Unnao
Unnao has a number of educational institutions
1. Kendriya Vidyalaya Unnao
2. Divine Mission School, Unnao
3. J.D.V.M. Inter College, Unnao
4. Sri. J.N.Shah Memorial Public School, Unnao
5. S.V.M. Inter College, Unnao
6. Manohara Smriti Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Unnao
7. Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Unnao
8. Dayanand Subhash National College, Unnao
9. Government Inter College, Unnao
10. Dayanand Vishwambhar Dayal Tripathi Krishi Vidyalaya, Unnao
11. Raja & Rani Shankar Sahai Inter College, Unnao
12. Atal Behari Inter College, Unnao
13. Dr G Nath G Dayal Girls Inter College, Unnao
14. Sun-De-Sun Inter College, Unnao
15. Central School, Unnao
16. Matchless vidya mandir, Unnao
17. Rajeev Gandhi Computer Saksharta Mission, Unnao

Unnao also has several English language schools such as Kendriya Vidyalaya unnao(produces iitians almost every year), Sir Syed Public School (Unnao), St. Jude’s Inter College, Ben-Hur Public School, St. Lawrence English Medium Inter College, Kingson Inter College, and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya.

Economy Of Unnao
Unaao is a popular destination for patients in nearby villages. The Uma Shankar Dixit hospital is a government-run hospital located near Ram Lila Maidaan. Another government hospital, which serves women, is located near the Unnao railway station. Tanning is the biggest industry in Unnao. Unnao is well known for its leather industry and its leather goods. Superhouse Group, Mirza Tanners, Rahman Exports, and Zamzam Tanners,Mahavir Spinfab Pvt. Ltd., Parash Nathtech Garments Pvt. Ltd. have large factories in Unnao.

Unnao is famous for its samosas and kaalajaams of Chakalwansi, which are very popular Indian food items. The main local market is Sadar Bazar.


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