My Take on Ola Under Car controversy


During last week social media was abuzz with the boycott of Ola Uber Rudra Hanuman sticker and later it was fuelled by one VHP worker boycotting Muslim driver while booking the cab for his purpose.

It all started with one communist worker Rashmi Nair post where she stated that she does not want to travel in any Taxi which has Rudra Hanuman sticker and it went viral, so much so that she has written to Uber about it to remove the driver, which was not only absurd but also against the fundamental right of person to express their religious belief.

As usual, all media kept mum on that post and it was opposed on social media by large section and it becomes the issue of debate. Later Abhishek (VHP worker) posted that he has booked the cab and canceled later as driver assigns to him was Muslim – Equally appalling and ridiculous things to do.

As usual this post was picked up by the stalwart of Mainstream media and they started almost abusing him on this act, while no one can defend his act but since the same media fraternity was silent when Rashmi Nair posted that crap, large section came in support of this person and start boycotting Muslim drivers (At-least on social media).

My point
After Mainstream media bashing this incident took a very dangerous turn – boycotting Muslim drivers – now as we know that Muslims are already reeling under the poverty and being isolated due to their inefficient leadership, now with this communist agenda and media flare they are being pitted against the majority on economical ground which is absolutely dangerous trajectory for Muslim.

They must understand that once the radicalization is economy field started taking place, they have no place to hide and being decimated literally.

Economic might of the majority is such that even a very less percentage effect of this nonsense will them in a lurch and they have absolutely nowhere to go.

Muslims as a society now have to come forward and take the bulls by Horne by denying the leadership to these communist and radical religious elements in their society.

Time for victimhood for them has gone pass long back and now only they themselves have to come out and must make a reconciliatory move towards the majority, else they are doomed now economically also. They have been decimated politically and socially already – not because of any political leadership but because of their educated youth and sane voices turning the back on each and every important modern issue.

Isolation of Muslims as society is not only taking place in India but in most part of the world, all governments are trying very hard to stop this but it is societal movement and fear of their rigid approach towards religion which is harming them the most. They were given space and almost all societies accommodated their demands earlier but now every society is up against them, just because youth and educated Muslims did not perform their duties and allowed religious fundamentalism sink into the larger society or at-least it was portrayed to the world.

Know your enemy Conclusion

Muslim society has to recognize that communist and so-called liberal seculars are not their friends, they are the biggest enemies of Muslims (At-least in India). These communist and so-called liberals first whip up the sentiments and abuse the majority, and in retaliation entire society has to suffer.

All educated Muslim youth has to put this brigade in their right place which is DUSTBIN.

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Puneet Gaur


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