Hardoi is a city and a municipal board in Hardoi district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the administrative headquarters of Hardoi District – Official Website

Geography Of Hardoi
Hardoi is located at 27°25’N 80°07’E? / ?27.42°N 80.12°E? / 27.42; 80.12. It has an average elevation of 134 metres (439 feet).Hardoi district is contiguous of Shahjahanpur and

Lakhimpur Kheri districts on the north, Lucknow and Unnao districts on the south, Kanpur and Farrukhabad districts on the west and Sitapur district on the east. Hardoi is located at 110 km from Lucknow (capital of Uttar Pradesh) and 394 from New Delhi (capital of India).

The Ganges and several of its tributaries are crossing the south of Hardoi district. Its area is 5947 km². The record height is 500 ft. In 1995, Hardoi district had 5 km² of dense forest and 13 km² of open forest.

History Of Hardoi
People believe that the name Hardoi comes from distorted version of its earlier name Haridrohi, which is a Hindi word that means “anti to the God”. According to a mythological story in past it was ruled by a king Hirnakashyap, who didn’t have faith in God, but instead declared himself as God. He wanted the people should pray him but later his own son Prahlad rebelled. He tried to kill his own son by various means but he was unsuccessful. Later, to save Prahlad, God himself came in diguise, such that he was neither human nor animal, and killed “HIRNAKASHYAP”.

According to some scholars the term “Hardoi” originated from the term “Haridwaya” which means two Gods. Since there were two Gods Baman bhagvan (in the regime of King ‘BALI) and Narsimha Bhagvan (in the regime of King HIRANYAKASHIPU) had been incarnated hence the place called Haridwaya and later called Hardoi. Hardoi is first mentioned during the Muslim rule.In 1028, Bwan was invaded by Sayyid Salara Masgud. However, Muslim didn’t occupy the region until 1217. Many battles between the Mogul and Afghan empires took place in Hardoi district due to the situation of the district. Humayun defeated Sher Shah Suri between the cities of Bilgram and Sandi.

Later, in February 1856, Hardoi, as a part of Oudh, became part of the British territory after Lord Dalhousi’s proclamation. The headquarters of the district were at first Mallawan, but then became Hardoi after the Sepoy Mutiny.

In January 1998, a passenger train going from Bareilly to Varanasi collided with the Kashi Vishwanath Express in the district. It seems that the passenger train didn’t stop at a red signal in Hardoi station.

On September 22nd 2002, a bomb exploded in the city of Hardoi and killed fifteen people. Recently (August 2005), the district has been the scene of an epidemic of Japanese encephalitis which killed dozens of children.

Economy Of Hardoi
In 1901, the main activities were wood-carving industry, salpetre works and grain trade. The district exported grain, sugar, hides, tobacco and salpetre.

Agriculture is the main activity in the district and many people depends on it. 3980.45 km² of Hardoi district are devoted to agriculture. The main crops are paddy, sugarcane, wheat, vegetables, pulses and oilseeds. A small proportion of the total cultivated are is used for horticulture : guava, mangos, some herbs, etc. Irrigation is made possible by the presence of the Hardoi and Lucknow branches of the Sarda Canal.

We can quote a metal wire producer, a flour mill and a sugar refinery. Recently the previously sick M/s U P State Sugar Corp. has been revived by the local MLA.

Education Of Hardoi

  • Hardoi city have 5 degree colleges :
  • Cane Society Nehru Degree College
  • M P Govt. P G College
  • Arya Kanya Degree College
  • Katiyari Degree College Harpalpur
  • N.Degree college shahabad

Hardoi distinct have These colleges :

  • Bhagvan Budha Inter College Sandila, Hardoi
  • G. Raghuvir Sahai Inter College, Hardoi
  • Government Inter College, Hardoi
  • R. Inter College, Hardoi
  • Shri Dev Darbar Ashram Intermediate College, Sandi, Hardoi
  • Ganga Devi Inter College., Hardoi
  • N Inter College mallawan, Hardoi
  • Janta Inter College (Kachhauna) P.S.S.INTER COLLEGE KACHHAUNA, Hardoi
  • Beni madhav Girls inter college, Hardoi
  • Arya kanya girls inter college, Hardoi
  • Tulsi ashram inter college Baghauli,Hardoi Co.ed., Hardoi
  • S.B.V.inter college, Hardoi
  • D.Inter college, Hardoi
  • Sri Narpati Singh Inter college, Madhoganj, Hardoi
  • Mahatma Gandhi inter college Palia, Hardoi
  • P. Inter College Khasaura, Hardoi
  • LBS Inter College, Hardoi
  • B.R. Inter College, Gausganj, Hardoi

The district also has these Junior high schools:

  • Bal Vidya Bhawan Public School, Hardoi
  • Shri Ram Junior High School, Hardoi
  • Junior High School Behta Gokul, Hardoi
  • Saint James Senior Secondary School, Hardoi
  • Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri High School, Atwa Ali Mardan Pur, Hardoi
  • Janta Junior High School civil line (Ravidas Mandir), Hardoi
  • Junior High School Bharkhani (Pali) Sawayajpur, Hardoi


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