Ghaziabad is a well planned industrial city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is 19 km east of Delhi and 46 km southwest of Meerut. The city houses the headquarters of the Ghaziabad district. It was initially part of the Meerut district after independence, till the time when — due to political intervention — Ghaziabad was separated and given a new district status.

The city gets its name from the founder Ghazi-ud-din, who called it Ghaziuddinnagar after himself. Later the name was shortened to Ghaziabad. It is a large industrial city well-connected by roads and railways. It has industries that manufacture railway coaches, diesel engines, bicycles, tapestries, glassware, pottery, paint and varnish, heavy chains, etc. Also It has ordinance factory at Muradnagar & Bharat Electronics Limited for manufacturing defense products.

The city is regarded by City Mayors and and Newsweek as the 2nd and 6th fastest developing city in the world,respectively.The city has well planned roads,malls,flyovers and metro connectivity.

History Of Ghaziabad
From the historical cultural, mythological and archeological point of view Ghaziabad is a prosperous city. This has been proved from the resarch work and excavations done in the district. the excavation carried out at the mound of Kaseri suitated on the bank of river Hindon, 2 km north from Mohan Nagar shows that civilization was developed here in 2500 B.C

Garhmukteshwar which provides salvation to the people and the Pooth village situated on the banks of river Ganga are associated with the Mahabharat period. Nearby is the Ahar region which was supposed to be the capital of Pandava’s and Janamejay’s Nag yagya site. The Loni fort is associated with Lavanasura of the Ramayana period. As per the Gazetteer the fort was named after Lavanasura (from Lavana it changed to Loni)

On the eastern border of the district is situated the village “KOT” which is associated with the famous emperor Samundra Gupta, who performed the Ashvamedha Yagya here after destroying the fort and “Kot Kuljam” (princes of the Kot dynasty), which was an incident of great historical importance at that time.

Durng the region of Sultan Muhammad-bin -Tuglak in 1313 ,this entire region had become a huge battle field.[3] sultan Nasiruddin who was famous for his simplicity and honesty spent his childhood in the Loni fort here.The attack of Taimur came on this fort and the human massacre by him are well known references of history.The importance of Loni increased during the Mughal period as the Mughal King used to come here for hunting and pleasure trips.A Baage Ranap is a memorial of that period.

The city was the scene of fighting during the Indian Mutiny, 1857–58, revolt that began with Indian soldiers in the Bengal army of the British East India Company but developed into a widespread uprising against British rule in India. In an encounter between the freedom fighters and a small British force the former were defeated while trying to hold the Hindon. The first confrontation with British soldiers on the bank of Hindon River in 1857 while coming from Meerut. Graves of British Soldiers and Officers killed on 30th and 31st may, 1857 can be seen today at the Meerut Road Crossing near Hindon River.

In 1864 Train (Rail) was introduced to the city. First train was introduced between Aligarh & Gajeeudin city. There was a problem in printing railway ticket ” Gajeeudin Nagar” due to the long name. To reduce the name, it was changed to Ghaziabad. After the opening the railway line the name of the place was shortene to Ghaziabad.

The Jat raja, Surajmal, was killed near the city by the Rohillas in 1763.

Formation of the District-
Before 14 November 1976 Ghaziabad was the Tehsil of District Meerut. The then chief minister Mr. N.D.Tiwari decalered Ghaziabad as a district on 14 November 1976, on the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. From then Ghaziabad has moved forward leaps and bounds on the social, economic, agriculture and individual front.

Ghaziabad, the headquarter of the district of the same name, lies on the Grand Trunk road about a mile east of the Hindon river in Lat. 280 40′ North and Long. 770 25′ East, 19 km east of Delhi and 46 km south-west of Meerut with which it is connected by a metalled road. Other roads lead north-wesr to Loni and Baghpat and east to Hapur and Garhmukteshwar. Buses run at freequent intervals from here to Delhi, Meerut,Aligarh,Bulandshahar, Moradabad, Lucknow and to other districts also. It is an important station on the Northern Railway where railway lines, from Delhi to Calcutta, Moradabad and Saharanpur meet, connecting it with many important cities of India.

As it’s boundary is adjacent to Delhi, it acts as the main entrance of Uttar Pradesh and that is why it is also called the GATEWAY OF U.P.

Geography Of Ghaziabad
Ghaziabad is situated about 2.5 km from the Hindon river. On the north it is bound by the district of Meerut, on the south by that of Bulandshahar and Gautambudh Nagar, on the south-west by Delhi and on the east by the district Jyotibaphule Nagar. As its boundary is adjacent to Delhi, it acts as the main entrance to Uttar Pradesh and hence is also called the Gateway of Uttar Pradesh.

Ganga, Yamuna and Hindon are the main rivers flowing through the district and they are filled with water throughout the year. Other than these there are some small rain-fed rivers, prominent among them is the Kali river. Apart from these rivers the Ganaga Canal flows through the district and irrigation work is carried out through different branches of the canal. The Ganga canal also caters to the drinking water needs of the people of Ghaziabad as well as Delhi.

Ghaziabad is primarily an industrial city with manufacturers in railway coaches, diesel engines, electroplating, bicycles, picture tubes, tapestries, glassware, pottery, vegetable oil, paint and varnish, heavy chains, automobile pistons and rings, steel pharmaceuticals, liquor, etc. It is one of the most industrialized cities in Uttar Pradesh. The new industry sector upcoming in Ghaziabad is of high tech plant growth boosters. Many companies like Shriram Pistons, Unichem, Dabur, International Tobeco, Bhushan Steels, Rathi Alloys, Crophealth Products Pvt. Ltd.,Allied Nippon Ltd and Samtel Color are giving it a new dimension.

The district ghaziabad , a growing industrial city , has an imporant place in industrial Dr Shyama Mukharji Parkdevelopment in Uttar Pradesh. Industries are divided into three categorised depending upon production, employement and turnover.

Small Scale Industries
Medium Scale Industries
Large Scale / Heavy Industries

The number of small-scale industries functioning in the district are 14,160 and have a capital investment of Rs. 270.00 crores a employing about 73,130 workers.They undertake the manufacture of a variety of commodities, goods etc.

The number of medium/heavy industries functioning in the district are 145 and have a capital investment of Rs. 2,930.86 crores, giving employment to about 31,200 workers.
Dr Shyama Mukharji Park
Shipra Mall

There are a number of private hospitals and health-care centres in Ghaziabad that provide health care to the residents in nearby villages and towns such as Pilkhuwa, Hapur, and Dasna. There are a number of malls dotting the city. The Pacific and Shipra malls are amongst the largest in the National Capital Region. Ghaziabad is one of the largest railway junctions, handling more than 100 long distance trains every day, in addition to the numerous suburban trains to Delhi. It houses one of the largest and most modern Electric Locomotive Sheds. Ghaziabad is the city credited giving highest revenue in the state of Uttar Pradesh and second maximum in India.The city has 32 malls,which are the second highest in India after Bangalore.

  • East Delhi Mall (EDM)
  • Shipra Mall
  • AEZ Carnival Country Mall
  • Pacific Mall
  • Ansal Plaza (Factory Outlet Mall)
  • Galaxie
  • The East End Mall
  • One Mall
  • Kaushambi Mall
  • Aditya Mega Mall
  • Park Plaza
  • Premier Mall
  • Eros Market Place
  • Aerens Europark
  • Shopprix Mall, Kaushambi
  • Shopprix, Vaishali
  • MMX Mall
  • Reliable City Mall
  • Ashiana Citimall
  • The Opulent
  • Mahagun Metro Mall

Education Of Ghaziabad
Some popular Engineering Colleges are:

  • ABES Engineering College (High ranker in UPTU)
  • Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College
  • Babu Banarsi Das Institute of Technology
  • HR Institute of Technology
  • Ideal Institute of Technology
  • Institute of Management Education
  • Institute of Technology and Science
  • Institute of Management Science
  • Hi-Tech Institute of Engineering & Technology
  • IMS Engineering College
  • Inderprastha Engineering College
  • Krishna Engineering College
  • Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology
  • KNGD Modi Engineering College
  • Lord Krishna College of Engineering
  • Sri Ganpati Institute of Technology
  • Sunder Deep Engineering College
  • Jaipuria Institute
  • Vishveshwarya Institute of Technology
  • Vivekananda Institute of Technology & Science
  • Dehradun Institute of Management Science & Technology
  • DJ College of Engineering & Technology
  • Dr KN Modi Institute of Engineering & Technology
  • Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology
  • RD Engineering College

Some popular Business Schools are:

  • Institute of Management Technology (IMT), (amongst the top 5 private B-schools in India)
  • Advance Institute of Management
  • BLS Institute of Education
  • BLS Institute of Management
  • Institute of Professional Excellence & Management
  • Institute of Management & Research
  • Inmantec Integrated Academy of Management & Technology
  • Jaipuria Institute of Management
  • Mewar Institute of Management
  • Shiva Institute of Management Studies
  • SRM Institute of Management & Technology
  • Unique Institute of Management

Some popular Degree Colleges are:

  • Seth Mukand Lal College
  • Ram Chameli Chaddha Vishwas Girls College
  • Sushila Girls College<./
  • Multanimal Modi PG College
  • Vidyavati Mukand Lal PG College for Women
  • VMLG Postgraduate College
  • SD Postgraduate College
  • SSV Postgraduate College
  • Lajpat Rai Postgraduate College
  • MMH Postgraduate College
  • RSS Postgraduate College

Some popular Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Colleges are:

  • Santosh University
  • DJ College of Paramedical Sciences
  • HR Institute of Pharmacy
  • KIET School of Pharmacy
  • ITS Paramedical College
  • Dr KN Modi Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Research
  • Indraprastha Dental college
  • Krishna Dental College
  • ITS Dental College
  • Harsharan Dass Dental College

Some popular Law Colleges are:

  • Shri Swami Vivekanand Law College
  • ITS Law College
  • IME Law College
  • Unique Law College
  • IPEM Law Academy
  • Sankalp Institute of Law
  • Modern College of Law
  • Integrated School of Law
  • IAMR Law College
  • IPS Law College


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