Ambedkar Nagar


Ambedkar Nagar is one of the districts of the State of Uttar Pradesh in India. The Ambedkar Nagar district is a part of the Faizabad division. The administrative headquarter of the district is in the town of Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar. The district was created on September 29, 1995 and named after Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar.



Geography Of Ambedkar Nagar
The total area of the district is 2520 kmĀ² and approximately 90% of the population lives in small farming villages. According to the OMMS database there are 3,955 villages in the Ambedkar Nagar District.Because of the dispersed nature of these small villages, the district is divided administratively (OMMS Database) into nine blocks: Akbarpur, Baskhari, Bhiti, Bhiyam, Jahagirgani, Jalalpur, Katehari, Ramnager, and Tanda.

The city of Akbarpur is situated on the bank of the River Tons (Tamasa), which divides the city into two parts namely Akbarpur and Shahzadpur. Shahzadpur is the main commercial centre of the city. The Saryu River is the main river and is located at the northern boundary of the district. The Tanda, Jahagirgani, Ramnager and Baskhari blocks are located along this river and use its water for irrigation. Irrigation in the Baskhari block is also from Lake Devhat and the Hanswar Lakes. Lake Darvan provides water in the Katehari block. The Akbarpur, Bhiti, Bhiyam, and Jalapur blocks depend upon smaller rivers and seasonal streams.

Economy Of Ambedkar Nagar
Ambedkar Nagar is famous for Tanda Terracotta. Here main business is depend on power looms and also farming. Recently many industrial firms are setting their sights on this small district. It has a thermal power station belonging to the NTPC. This is a 440 Megawatt (110×4) plant, running on coal, this plant is extended to 1760MW.

There is also a cement manufacturing plant belonging to the Jaypee Group (Jaypee Ayoudha Greeding). The District has one sugar factory called the Akbarpur Sugar Mill, situated near Mijhaura, about ten kilometres from the district headquarters. A lots of rice mill are established in Akbarpur.There is a Power & Distribution Transformer manufacturing industry named “ACHAL ELECTRICALS” situated on dostpur road. there is a village- makoiya. it is a peaceful village. a person badshah khan is live here.

Education Of Ambedkar Nagar
The condition of education in the district has been improving gradually, however the literacy rate of Ambedkar Nagar is far behind than the national average and it is around 39.7 %. It has many government and government aided colleges at every level, beside private managed schools and colleges. For higher education, Ramabai Government Post Graduate College (for women), Akbarpur, has the graduate and post-graduate level programs in humanities, science and commerce streams, is located nearby district headquarter. The other Government College, Alapur, provides the various education courses for boys and girls. There are enormous government colleges for secondary education as well as the private colleges.

Raghu Raji Agro Industrial Private Ltd. a factory owned by Rakesh Padey, now MP of Ambedkar Nagar on BSP. There are too many schools in village region and S.P.S.Inter College, Mahavidyalay Larpur and Chaudhari Hanuman Parshad Kirshak Mahaviddayly Rudra Pur Bhagahi is also a milestone in field of education. The first law college of district is rajesh pandey college of law also amilestone in field of profissonal education.The most popular and famous computech cyber cafe is also available in district.

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